February 6th, 2013

Junior to Mid-Level Flash Developer Wanted

Sarah Connor?
I think every Flash developer was a little worried that HTML5 would find us. Our tweens, our timelines, our necessary browser plugin. But here we are, looking for someone interested in making fun, attractive Flash campaigns for a range of instantly recognisable brands. Though we should let you know, we like to push Flash to its limits. Both creatively, and technically.

We came across time for you, Sarah. We love you. We always have.
We’re a mid-sized digital agency, looking for a special someone interested in helping push our client’s digital presence to its limits. We create fun, interactive Flash banners that leave the Wack-A-Moles and Click-The-Pop-Stars of the 1990s in the dust. We want someone excited to create, and willing to learn. Additionally, (though not required) we would like someone who finds an ad trying to use the plot of Terminator as a metaphor funny.

We need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.
Thankfully, we leave the first film there. In our Judgement Day scenario, Flash is our friend Arnie, and HTML5 can be the T-1000. (Arnie went on to be the governor of California. What did the T-1000 do? Gangster Squad? Don’t make us laugh.)

Located in Richmond, we’re easy to get to no matter where you are, whether you want to ride, drive, walk or train. We house a relaxed, fun environment with a fantastic group of people. Also, they let Flash developers write their ads. Maybe this is paradise, before it’s destroyed by Skynet. Help us Obi Wan Keno- Whoops. Stay on target.

Come with me if you want to live.
So if what you deciphered from above sounds like you, or a position you would fit, then send us your resume! We’re looking for:

- A solid understanding of best practices in Flash
- Can write ActionScript 3
- A keen eye for design and animation
- A natural communicator
- Bonus: experience with ad delivery platforms and their limitations

- Bonus: knows frontend JS/CSS(3)/HTML(5)

Write to us at victor@igloo.com.au. We’ll organise an interview. And fingers crossed, you’ll be back.

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